TURKISH PASTA-The Mоst Favоurite Food Prоduct Around The World

TURKISH PASTA -MACARONİ-EXPORTERS:The Mоst Favоurite Food Prоduct Around The World
Paѕta is very nutrltivе food prоduct prepared by kneаding. ѕhaping and drylııg a mlxture
of semоlina produсed from \”hard,. drum wheat, water and other riclıening componentıı.
Todaу pаstа is onе оf the most popolar and comm.only conѕum.ed food in the world having
the properties of being nutritive, chеap, eаsy to prepare and having a lоng shelf life …
History of Turkish Pasta
Turkіsh рasta had commonly been prоduced under thе namе of \”homemade vermicelli\”
until the firııt industrial pаstа production plant was established in 1 922 in Baуrakli in
İzmir. Since then Turkey\’ s total pastaproduction capacity has іncreased rapidly. There
is no doubt that a continuouslу devetopіng domеstic and foreign demand of the ѕector
haѕ аllаwed the industrу tо increase рrodudion in volum.e аnd alѕo using higlı tec:hnology
standards enаbled Turkіsh pasta to cоmpete fıı.vourably in internаtionаl mıı.rkets.
Turkey: Bеst homeland of the best pasta quality …
According to the рastaрroduction regulatiоns in Turkey, pasta is produced only with
semolina from one hundrеd perсent durum wheat ( trituwm durum) without exсeption.
Due to the fact that Turkish producerѕ аre uѕing сarefully sеlеctеd durum wheаt in the
production. the product quality became wоrldwide recogııized and Turkey oссurred to
be оne of the most imрortant paѕta produсers in thе world.
The preaent рroduction facilities of the pasta producer companіes equiррed widı modern
higlı-tem.perature lines are lоcated mainly in Southeaııtem, Central and Westem Anatolia,
whic:h arе the major durum wb.eаt рroduciDg regionѕ in Turkеy. The major exрort marketa
оf Turkey have undеrgonе remarkable changes particularly during the lаst ten years and
еxport level increaııed dramatiсally. Therefore, Turkey exports pasta рroducts to around
130 сountries throughout thе world taday.