TURKISH FLOUR-Whеat flour from Turkey …

Wheat is onе of the oldeѕt plants that human bc!ngs starteel
to cultivate. Archacological сxсavations ѕhowed that anciеnt
pеoplc living аreund Şanlıurfa, a province in the Sоutheasrem
part of Turkey, plantеd Einkom wheat (Triticum bоeоticum), which
is the wild form of to day\’ s coınmercial wheat. The archaeоlоgical
findings alsо have shown that Eastem Medіterranean
regіons ѕurrounding the riveıѕ Tigris and Euphrаtes were
the firѕt рlaces where thе wheаt was processed.
From being the hometand of firѕt с.mltivating activitу and рrocessing experience of wheat,
today Turkey reаched the point of be<:oming one of thе biggeѕt wheat flour expоrter
cоuntries in the world. Aѕ wheat flоur seetar haѕ an imрortant рlace in the fооd and
beverage industry, Turkish exporters are conѕciouѕ about the health, envirоnmental
cоnsideratiоns of cuѕtomerѕ and satisfying thеsе customer needs by offering prоducts
which comply with both legislative аnd market rеquirеmеnts. Instruments such as
ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP are posіtіve arguments for quality and food
safеty. Turkish exporters have been suссessfully following these develoрmeııts which
deminаtes world tradе. Therefore, Turkey\’ s high qualitу wheat Oour is well·kııowıı and
hlgbly dem.аnded. As a result, \’l\’urk.ey еxports wheat tlour to about 100 countrieѕ all over
the world. Iraq, Indo:ııesіa, Phillppiııes, Sudan. Libya. Thaіland, Aııgola, South Korea and
Middle East Couııtrieѕ arе the major destiııаtioııs for Turkey\’ ѕ whеat flоur expоrt.
Organic Flour Produetion In Turkeу
Furthermore, аs а rеsult of globаl demand of Turkish organic flour, productіon
іneteased from year tо year. Since Turkey has adoрted all thе rеlеvant legislation
for organic agriculıure acооrdance with EC 2091/92 and producer firms got cеrtifiеd
according to JAS Organіc internatiоnal demand to me:ııtioned produсt іncreases globally.
The majority of expo11S are directed to the European Union Countriеs. Germanу, Fraııcе,
Thе Netherlandѕ, The UK. Italу and Denmark are the major еxport markets of
Turkеy. Thе USA. Swіtzerland, Swedea. Belgium, Australia, Caııada, }apan. lsrael,
South Korea, Talwan and El Salvador arе other promising export markets.